Tissue Notes: Three Different Tissues
QC Pack Validation Slide: Masson's Trichrome Stain Kit
Special Stains demonstration of: Muscle & Collagen
Relevant Antibodies: None

Each Trichrome Histology Control Slide is prepared using top quality tissue that has been processed with the utmost care. After processing, the tissue is carefully embedded in paraffin blocks, cut at an optimal thickness, and placed in the upper region of a SuperFrost® Plus Slide. The Trichrome Control Slides are packaged safely in durable plastic containers. The 5 pack and 25 pack Trichrome Control Slides are all unstained. Controls are also available in a QC (Quality Control) Pack and Educational Pack. The QC Pack contains one stained slide that is validated using the Masson's Trichrome Stain Kit and 24 unstained slides. The Educational Pack contains 25 stained slides that is validated using the Masson's Trichrome Stain Kit. Slides can be stained using the MasterTech One-Step Blue/Red Trichrome Stain Kit, MasterTech Masson's Trichrome Stain Kit, MasterTech Mallory's Stain Kit, or MasterTech P.T.A.H. Stain Kit.

Trichrome Histology Control Slides are guaranteed to be the tissue stated, or, are guaranteed to be positive for the organism, structure, or pathology stated. Control slides are not guaranteed to test positive for any specific diagnostic method due to inherent equipment, technology, and procedural variables. Relevant Antibodies that are listed, where applicable, could be comprised of positive, negative, and differential markers that may be used in conjunction with the associated control and should not be interpreted as exclusively positive. Recommended control and relevant antibody references, while based on continually updated information that is gathered from reputable sources, are meant to be used as guides only. Final decision on the appropriate control tissue should be based on stain or antibody manufacturer data sheets and pathologist input.